Presentation Samples BVBA specialises in Product Presentation and is active throughout Europe.
We are a young company and have the necessary people and set-up to create eye-catching presentations.

Our designers have a different perspective and our executants are highly precise in their work. Our specialists create your model or sample presentation with the utmost care. We offer all kinds of possible product presentations made from very diverse materials.

We create eye-catching, real-life presentations, of building products especially, to boost the sales of your products at trade fairs, in shops and through personal contacts. We seek long-term partnerships in order to get to understand your products and services better and be able to improve our service to you even further.


  • You don’t have to create any presentations or samples yourself. You can focus on your core business.
  • Everything is delivered on time. Also in the high season!
  • You save space, materials and labour. People can be deployed where they deliver the most added value.
  • You can obtain all the samples and presentations, also those for which you don’t have the tools or skills in-house.
  • You remain involved in the quality and finish of the presentations.