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IGP Europe

“The ConnectionWalls were indeed very easy to set up: it took us 45 minutes to fully build up our stand (including all the furniture and decorations) and it took us less than 45 minutes to take down and transport everything back into our car. We were the only non-professional builders at the event, and were the fastest ones in and out 😊.”


Thank you for your constructive cooperation. The consultation in relation to the last project started from scratch. The visualisation, the result, and the performance itself went according to plan. Solutions for long-term cooperation are not just empty words. The schedule is consulted in a timely fashion, which is a support for projects such as these that add to the workload of companies like ours at times when other things are planned.

Ann De Schutter



Our whole sales team is equipped with such presentation cases. They are demonstrative and everything is at hand: a visual delight for the customer. For our sales team, this is also a handy and practical tool enabling our reps to advise and convince their customers visually and intuitively. With Presentation Samples, both the (creative) design and manufacturing went as desired.

Geert Van den Bossche – Technical Director



Nothing is more important than effective waterproofing. The design of this model was partly inspired by Jan. As a result, we succeeded in displaying clearly to potential customers the essence of one of our liquid sealing products for specific purposes, namely bridges and roads. 

Inge De Bont



Presentation Samples staff spared neither time nor effort in getting to know our fields of expertise (insulation and sealing of the building envelope) when realising our projects.

For instance, they are always looking for the best way to display everything as simply as possible without compromising when it comes to good construction practice.

Thanks to their creativity, insight and constructive comments, our pro clima airtightness scale model, for example, resulted in an attractive, clear and lightweight model that is versatile and used during training, at fairs and in the stores of our partner specialist dealers, where both the customers and the employees can use the model in a straightforward and very visual way to demonstrate a product.

Or as their business manager Jan Pieters always says ‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’.

Arnout Ulenaers – Manager ISOPROC SOLUTIONS


Reynaers Aluminium

Reynaers Aluminium has been collaborating for several years with Presentation Samples in manufacturing samples. Jan and his team have been helping us with great enthusiasm. Presentation Samples communicates regularly and accurately and we know that each job they do will be performed with the utmost care.

Sofie Vermeulen – Online Communication and Press Assistant



Sto has its own international department that develops exhibition stands, as well as a department producing samples. Yet, Presentation Samples is an ideal partner for Sto België when additional international capacity is required and when we have to get presentation material ready to suit various types of shows. The sample is developed in cooperation with our technical team to ensure it meets the local requirements perfectly. Presentation Samples provides us with top quality support, as it were an extension of our own in-house department.

Sven Lievens – Marketing Manager


Unilin Insulation BE

The blue cases containing UNILIN samples, developed by Presentation Samples, not only look beautiful, but are also our representatives’ top sales tool. They are an ideal way to clearly present and explain our wide range of insulation products to the different target groups. Great job Presentation Samples!

Ann-Sophie Martens – Marketing Manager


Unilin Insulation NL

We’ve had great experiences with Presentation Samples. They are innovative, creative and have a customer-focused mindset.

Christian van Gils – Marketing Manager



Working with the professionals of Presentation Samples is a very pleasant experience, as they are always actively involved in designing our models.  Their fresh perspective and professional know-how often delivers a solution that is better than the one we had in mind. The jobs are always performed smoothly and within the deadlines. We are always very pleased with the result. Presentation Samples is a partner we can rely on.

Nicole Wuyts – Marketing – Communications Manager


What we have to tell you …