Project Description

Earlier this year, we were privileged to design and produce a range of elegant display cabinets for Häfele’s LED lighting range. A complete custom-made cabinet in line with Loox5’s black and white house style. By also illuminating the logo at the top of the cabinet with an LED light box, the entire cabinet immediately stands out.

Incorporating sufficient Loox5 applications in the cabinet was also an absolute must. So we integrated a groove in the cabinet to show the operation of an LED strip in a silicone tube. The sliders with plexiglas front give a visible overview of the stock and can be easily viewed and replenished by both customer and distributor.

At Presentation Samples, working practically and proactively is the key to success. This gave us the idea of integrating modular elements into the cabinet, in this case a removable/replaceable box-in-box. The principle of this is simple. This box features various LED profiles and strips that display a number of colours. If – towards the future – new products come onto the market, the box can be replaced while keeping the base of the cabinet.