Project Description

Resiplast, manufacturer of synthetic resins and chemical products for the construction industry, wanted to approach their customers in an original way.

Resiplast: “We are active worldwide and the types of customers are very diverse: from architect to applicator. To show our solutions in one image at trade fairs, we looked for a professional partner who could help us with this. That’s how we came into contact with Jan Pieters from Presentation Samples. After an initial brainstorming session with their team and our input, a first design was presented. This was an immediate hit and after some extra input, the development could soon start. ”


Resiplast: “After a smooth and professional collaboration, the end result was a fantastic model that was immediately the topic of conversation at the first fair. It perfectly reflects what our company stands for and which solutions we put in the international market. ”

Techni-mat in Kortrijk was the first fair where this model could be seen.